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Sales Training

Tailored Sales Training Vs Off the shelf, large training organization approachWhat’s the difference?

Let’s face it tailored sales training isn’t for everyone and if you’re running a large organization where you would like people to adopt your corporate sales training approach and you want consistency, then our tailored sales training is not for you. There are plenty of sales training businesses which are set up to serve your needs, please talk to them about their off the shelf sales training courses.

Why is tailored sales training so different? It’s really simple, every person is different so their approach is likely to be different. Tailored sales training is tailored to the individual and the way you want to sell to suit the values and style of your organization, and your personality

The best approach? Tailored Sales Training to suit your situation and then coaching to embed the lessons learned

Is Tailored Sales Training Worth the Effort?What’s the difference?

All sales training is worth the effort and investment as long as it is done properly, but a startling amount of sales training money is wasted, simply because people attend sales training courses which include material which is irrelevant to them and the way they want to do business. Often, the training material and changes in behaviour are not reinforced, the assumption being that now they have had the training they know what to do.

I hear people say “well if they only get one or two good ideas then it’s been worth the day”. Why?

With tailored sales training they might have got those two good ideas in 30 minutes, would you rather have your sales people on a long course or out selling?

Effective Sales Training

The Benefits of Tailored Sales Training

  • Saves time – once I’ve understood how you do business and what you want to achieve from the training we can focus on the key areas rather than standard course content.
  • Application – you are more likely to apply a change which you think is easy, than one which you think will be difficult. When the sales training includes steps which link to your current approach you are much more likely to apply them as part of your new approach.
  • Cost – it’s a common misunderstanding that tailored sales training must be more expensive. Well no, the training takes less time, because I get the key messages across quickly. If you were to attend an open sales training programme by one of our competitors you’d pay around £1000 to £1200 and use up 2-5 days. When it’s tailored, it’s possible to improve a sales person’s performance more in a day than they would get in a 5-day course and it would cost less than £1000.

I train lots of people who don’t see themselves as sales people. They serve customers by understanding their needs and guiding them to a solution, but in their mind they aren’t selling.

A ‘normal’ sales training course would turn them off, but tailored sales training would be designed around how they deal with their customers which paradoxically motivates them to sell more.

Where do I start to develop tailored sales training?

The starting point is to get a deep understanding of the way you do business, the kind of customers you want for your business, what makes you unique, the products or services which you sell. We will give you a really thorough pre-training questionnaire or discussion to get you thinking about what you want, and to give us an idea of how we can help you improve your sales by tailoring your sales training.

What can I do to help my team get the most from tailored sales training?

Whilst everyone is different I do deliver sales training to groups of sales people to help them be more productive and successful. An important part of the sales training process is to embed the changes in approach with coaching and support. I brief the internal support person / manager / coach so that they know what to do. If necessary I can be that external support person to ensure that the skills are put into practice.

Tailored Sales Training & Coaching

Selling is a very broad ranging term, including everything from dealing with customers over the telephone to managing key accounts. We don’t do off the shelf courses, but we have trained so many people in sales over the years that we can very quickly create a tailored approach for you to save both time and money.

Sales & Business Development  Consultancy

We bring an outside perspective to your sales approach, and lots of experience of helping clients like you to achieve your sales goals. Sales training is only part of the solution and to drive more results might mean a review of your current approach. We look at everything from the way you generate leads to the way you structure and reward your sales people so that they can serve your customers more effectively and achieve your objectives.

  • The first steps to tailored sales training? I have been training and coaching sales people now for over two decades so whatever approach you are taking and want to improve I will probably have covered in some way.The starting point will be to understand your objectives and then depending on those we can apply a number of tools to your situation:
  • Index of Sales Effectiveness (ISE) The first is the ISE. This tool is designed to identify two things, a person’s drive for sales and their aptitude for selling. These tell you whether an individual has got the basic raw materials to be successful in sales and what kind of sales role would suit them. It’s ideal as a recruitment tool and very useful in considering adapting a sales person’s role.
  • To find out more about our ISE visit our sales person assessment page


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