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Coaching and Consulting

Getting an outside perspective to your business is often very valuable for both you and your team. When we provide Employee Engagement Consultancy the focus is on how we can help you create the right culture to achieve your goals on a consistent basis. The starting point will almost certainly be to carry out a climate assessment using the The Work Climate Questionnaire© (WCQ©)

The data from this report will identify which of the key levers we need to work on with you, it may be clarity, challenge, change, autonomy, recognition, or involvement, or any combination of these.

We have worked with many organisations across a variety of industries and they are all different but there are similarities which when tackled with our help can transform your level of employee engagement and therefore your performance. Part of this process will inevitably be.

Leadership coaching is a powerful link in the chain that brings sustained leadership performance, building trust and encouraging your leaders to make a real impact on employee engagement.

Whatever we do it would be designed around your needs, and tailored to your business.

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Employee EngagementThe % of employees engaged at work

Source: Qualtrics


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