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Welcome to our website, you’re taking the first steps to explore how we can help you tap into more potential within your business. More from potential and present leaders, more from fully engaged employees, and more from your sales and customer facing teams

So, are we right for each other? Well let’s see.

First of all, we tend to work with businesses or business units with around 150 employees or less. The reason for this is that we want to help you get quick results and we have lots of experience of working with growing businesses. If you’re in this group of businesses, you’ll know what it’s like trying to get your managers to manage and lead rather than ‘do’. Especially if they’ve been with your business as it’s grown. They probably started very ‘hands on’ and have maintained that approach.

The probability is that your managers are struggling with engaging the employees fully and communicating your vision clearly and getting buy-in to it can be frustrating at times. Our skill is working with your managers and other key people in your business to help them become leaders who can make your vision happen through their teams.                                                              

Another problem with small businesses is generating sales and cash, so we’ll work with you and your sales teams to help you generate more leads and convert more of them into business. After all it’s the sales which will fund the development of your business.                            

How do we help? Well first off all we’ve got plenty of experience of helping small businesses grow Having helped lots of other businesses, we can bring an outside perspective, which when blended with your inside knowledge can create very satisfying results.

The starting point will be to understand your goals and assess where you are now in relation to them, and an important part of that will be understand your current levels of staff engagement and how they are affecting your results.

So let’s begin with a telephone conversation or meeting to understand where you are now and how we can help make your stress go down and the results go up, contact us now on 01636 629002 or

How can we help you?

Let’s begin with a telephone conversation or meeting to understand where you are now and how we can design and deliver a programme to help your leaders to lead.