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Employee Engagement Assessment

If you’re going to invest in employee engagement, it makes sense that you invest your time, effort and money on the right initiatives and that those initiatives reap results that can be identified.

How do you decide on which initiatives will make all the difference? There are so many levers which affect employee engagement. To make good decisions on developing your business and key people and to improve employee engagement you need better information.

To help you with this process we can now offer a series of feedback tools, which gather anonymous feedback from the people you work with, across the business so that you gain a broad spectrum of information before you make your decisions. The two that apply specifically to employee engagement are:

Work Climate Questionnaire

The WCQ is a tool we use to quantify the team member’s perception of their workplace and their leaders. The team climate or culture, which is often a reflection of the leadership within that team, will tell us which particular employee engagement levers require attention to get the best improvement in employee engagement and performance.

For more information about the Work Climate Survey see our employee engagement survey page.

Leadership Index 360

Providing feedback on how well an individual leads based on the feedback from a selected group of respondents.

Employee EngagementThe % of employees engaged at work

Source: Qualtrics

Infinite Possibilities Ethos

Using these tools ties in with the ethos of Infinite Possibilities, we want to understand the problem before we suggest any form of intervention – the principle of ‘diagnose before you prescribe.’


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