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If you would like enjoy a good story and learn about leadership at the same time, How to Lead Your Team and Keep The Right Balance is a good place to start.

Much has been written about leadership, in fact of all the business topics, leadership has stayed at the top of the list for decades. Probably because it is so critical to success.

Of all the things you could do at any level in your organisation, developing the leaders would have the greatest impact. Leadership is a learned skill, and very well documented, so the principles can be well defined and applied by you and your colleagues.

‘How to Lead Your Team and Keep the Right Balance’ is a great deal more than a book about leadership. It has been written in a way that you can relate to Tom and the challenges he is facing within his business.

Included in the book is a short workbook so that you can apply the lessons to your own position and improve your leadership right away.

To order a copy of the book, simply click on the link to Amazon below and enjoy reading about Tom.

The following are from comments which are in full inside the book:

A really enjoyable read, a must for all business leaders.”

 “A story really helps visualise pitfalls and how they manifest themselves.”

 “Leaders and managers … can easily identify with Tom.”

 “Captures the power and simplicity of the key principles of leadership…..We all need our own magician.”

 “Clearly demonstrates the day to day challenges that we all encounter…” 

 “The simple exercises can be applied to almost any work or family situations.”

 “So much hit home and at the end I was left with a reminder of an Inescapable Truth: ‘Only I Am The Expert On Me’ …”

It’s a story, a handbook, a workbook, and much more. It should only take you a couple of hours to read the story, and get the powerful messages that can transform your leadership.

I really enjoyed reading the book – although the concepts initially appear familiar, the way they are presented and more importantly linked is refreshing and memorable.  The story of Tom and the Magician clearly demonstrates the day to day challenges that we all encounter in our personal and business lives, and goes on to provide a clear roadmap as to how we can break down these challenges into their constituent parts and then build up the answers back into an overall strategy for continuing success.  The ‘5 circle’ visualization of the Leadership Matrix then provides a clear, concise reminder of the behaviours necessary for success and deserves a place on every leaders wall.

P Howlett White _BEng (Hons) CEng FIStructE

Managing Director, Terrapin Limited

For the first time, a book that not only gives me the tools and techniques I need but also, helps me find the mental space to be able to use them fully and with best effect.

It is refreshing to read how important it is achieve a good work / life balance. The concept is so simple and obvious and yet so easily overlooked. How can we be inspirational leaders without being inspired ourselves. How can we give a sense of purpose without having one ourselves and setting clear goals to achieve them. Only then can we lead by example.

Before I buy any book, I always read the first couple of pages to see if I could get ‘into it’. As I read the first few chapters, I found I could so easily relate to Tom. In reading the story and then looking at the reflections, I could see how Tom’s story related to me and what I could do to develop my leadership skills.

A very practical and useful insight into modern leadership thinking.

Steve Templeman

Regional Manager, Legal Services Commission

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