Leadership Training

Leadership training is said to be most critical to organisational success, our leadership training can make all the difference in your organisation today, and with good reason.

But before you commit to just another leadership training course think again. You see recent surveys have shown that employees tend not to trust the leaders of the organisations that they work for, in one study as much as 68% of all employees do not feel inspired by, and in fact mistrust the leaders they work for. Many of these leaders have already been trained in leadership, so why are the courses not working?

Because leadership training on its own is not that effective it’s training and coaching together which work best. Leadership is a learned skill, and very well documented, so the principles can be well defined and applied by you and your colleagues.

A word of caution though. Any attempt to take a one size fits all approach to leadership training is likely to generate less success than a more tailored approach based on your circumstances, your organisation and your people. That’s why every leadership training project we take on is treated differently. There are still similar themes, and your leadership training requires a tailored approach.

The best approach? Tailored Leadership Training to suit your situation and then coaching to embed the lessons learned

Leadership Training or Management TrainingWhat’s the difference?

Our leadership and management training approach will help your leaders create an environment which encourages your employees to contribute more to the organisation’s success, and the achievement of its vision, and objectives.

Who should participate in leadership development?

Our view is that leadership training should not be considered as positional, in other words it doesn’t make sense to train just your senior people in leadership. A person from anywhere in the organization can demonstrate leadership qualities, so leadership training therefore is about encouraging people to demonstrate leadership qualities across the business so we encourage you to train leaders across the business.

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Leadership Matrix

The Benefits of Leadership Training & Coaching

The fact that you can train people across the business in leadership, again illustrates why leadership training and development should be tailored to your business. The combination of leadership training and coaching enables you to develop leaders literally all over the organization and at all levels. It make reinforcing the values of your organization much more effective and generates more buy-in from within your organization to its mission and purpose

Overall the combination of leadership training and coaching will create better customer service both internally and externally and in turn generate more customers as advocates.

So is Leadership Training worth the effort?

Leadership requires the existence of trust, and it’s this which can take time to build. Our leadership training is designed to help your people understand how trust works and how it is built over time to create an environment which fosters leadership and the application of discretionary effort. This is a different kind of motivated effort which when your people give it, can make enormous differences in the results achieved.

How can we help you?

Let’s begin with a telephone conversation or meeting to understand where you are now and how we can design and deliver a programme to help your leaders to lead.


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